Nektiu IoT Solutions

A great experience, not just products and services.

We help our clients in Asset Management by tracking, monitoring and optimizing with the application of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies.

We have developed the “Sensetech” platform that allows the visualization of the assets, the developed routes, the activity and stop times. We have also integrated a smart contract with Blockchain to manage breakdowns and maintenance of assets.

How we do it?

We collect the data with different types of sensors, according to the requirements, either by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LORA, Sigfox, NB_IoT to obtain greater precision, efficiency of use and cost-benefit ratio. And our Sensetech platform visualizes the monitoring in real time, with heat maps, route optimization with advanced analytics and automation of maintenance services in the event of breakdowns with a “Smart Contract” in Blockchain.

Connected business

Our solution is applied to both indoor and outdoor assets, in different use cases:
  • 01 Fleet, trailer, vans, cars and plant equipment

  • 02 Assets and equipment tracking

  • 03 Containers, cages, cabins and content tracking

  • 04 Temperature and cold chain

  • 05 Waste management

  • 06People tracking

  • 07Indoor monitoring

  • 08Remote asset monitoring


SenseTech provides the control and visibility you need to effectively manage and optimize your assets. We capture data with IoT, optimize with Artificial Intelligence and automate with Blockchain.

SenseTech platform

Dynamic visualization of assets, developed routes, activity and stop times.

Download data in different formats in CSV, Excel.

Design of the zones or Geofencing to close your "Routes".

Creation of heat and activity maps for each asset.

Assets Optimization

Optimization model based on Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

Activity reports based on idle capacities and dashboards.

Predictive and prescriptive analysis of asset use.

Maintenance automation

Automation in the management of breakdowns with a “Smart Contract” in Blockchain.

Notifications of "active stopped" and verification in real time.

Management of inactive assets due to breakdown, with notice to maintenance companies according to the SLA clause of the contracts.

Performance, Visibility, Control

SenseTech helps business operations professionals who want better results from their investment in the communications and monitoring technology they use to improve business performance. We do it by focusing on delivering a great experience not just products and services. Our vision is to improve technology for businesses and the people who use it.